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The Firm - Yashdesign

At YASH design our focus has always been on the human aspect of the built environment and effective use of space. We are dedicated to creating spaces that people feel connected to and stimulated by spaces that enhance experiences and also build value for our clients across all sectors. Over the years we've cultivated a client-centric approach, where you become a partner in the design process -informed, connected and confident to contribute and we're always excited to discuss a new project.

“You are more than a part of the process, you are the reason there is a process”

Ravi avula - Director/Designer

Ravi has spent over 20 years in the design industry, specializing in high end residential design, retail and hotel design. As director with his studio based in Hyderabad, he is responsible for designing, planning and execution of projects. Passionate about a fearless approach to design and an unquenchable thirst for what is new,he engages clients throughout the design journey to promote their participation in a project’s outcomes. Driven by the pursuit of perfection and with an extreme attention to detail, he achieves well designed spaces through a keen and unique eye for furniture selection while considering overall space planning. He is particularly inspired by traditional forms and architectural details found in temples, forts and historic places in India. He tries to explore these classical forms in his interior and architectural projects, his ability of effectively using these details make his projects unique & memorable.

"When time equals money on any project it is important to know that we can improve efficiencies and deliver"